a design project by
Peter Noever, designer/Ausstellungsmacher, Vienna and
Andrea Lenardin, architect/creative director, Los Angeles

declared_ examines the ordinary and extraordinary qualities of everyday objects that have made the transition from ubiquitous products to iconic examples of good design, coming to literally define particular places and familiar social practices and thus to maintain a hold on the cultural imagination. mindful of the drift and transculturation that characterize the increasingly global nature of society at large. how to reinvent the things that belong to specific locales and customs to energize our memories and create future memories?

declared_ breaks with the parameters of a traditional exhibition to launch a dynamic project seeking to engage the design community with a call to action that envisions a two-fold response: first, to identify familiar products which merit being revived or perpetuated, and second, to put forth design proposals for making them new.

declared_ debuts at galerie rauminhalt in vienna and with continue globally: nomadic in nature, delcared initiates a discourse on the proposition of reinventing the familiar, urging communities to reflect on the everyday artifacts that make them unique.