design as interface between cultural diversity and
global challenge

Identify a cultural practice that was replaced by a digital or
mechanical regime.

— Greg Lynn, declared_  juror

Design should remind you of human personality.

— Irina Korobina, declared_  juror

The primary focus here is personal memory derived from the things we live with, in our immediate surroundings, and projected into the future to create future memories.

— Andrea Lenardin, declared_

In our increasingly digital world, design needs to be first and foremost experiential — visceral, intellectual, and emotional. We understand our environments by feeling them.

— Dung Ngo, declared_  juror

It is our goal with the declared_ initiative to provoke the recapture of cultural consciousness.

— Peter Noever, declared_ 

Good design always manages to touch our emotions – an essential point of departure for creating anything new.

— Gregor Eichinger, declared_  juror

Every day routine can be dangerous !

— Sandra Hofmeister, declared_  juror